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Maya & Chloe :: Poughkeepsie, NY Pet Photographer

I’m still catching up on my blog posts!

I photographed Maya, her new baby sister Chloe and their human family back in February! They had recently lost another Golden that was very dear to their hearts and so when they brought little Chloe into their lives, they decided they needed to capture some memories in photographs.

Having seen some photos I took against a graffiti wall in Poughkeepsie, they decided they wanted their family portraits done there. These folks were totally my type of family! Both Maya and Chloe were as kind and fun as their human family. It was a privilege to spend time with them and preserve some fun memories together ~ Enjoy!

R.I.P. Scout :: Poughkeepsie, NY Pet Photographer

This morning I woke up to see a very sad post on Facebook from Ann, Scout’s Momma, announcing the fact she had lost her best friend yesterday.

I am embarrassed to say I photographed Scout back in the beginning of March and have not got his blog post up yet. This was another shoot I was/am submitting to The Unexpected Pit Bull Calendar.

It was very cold, and Scout had been having a rough time of it but he was a real trooper. We went to a couple locations with his best friend Elliot, the chihuahua and a new member of the family, another rescued chi named Finnegan. The love Ann had for Scout and he, for she, was purely evident. Scout never took his eyes off of her. This was the first shoot I’ve ever done where my assistant Beth I were both given a bouquet of flowers AND treated to dinner afterwards. Ann would ONLY go, however, if we could find a spot to park the car directly in front of the restaurant so she could keep an eye on Scout. These two truly had a lovely bond, and together, they were stellar ambassadors for pit bull dogs everywhere. R. I. P. beautiful boy.

Kingston NY Pet Photographer :: Piggly Wiggly in an abandoned Train!

I have a super soft spot in my heart for an amazing pit bull dog I met last year when I photographed Hector the Pit Bull up at a school in Albany for The Unexpected Pit Bull Calendar. His name is Piggly Wiggly and he has an equally amazing mom, Kathleen. Pig is an amazing ambassador for the breed – working tirelessly with Kathleen as they travel around to schools, libraries, hospitals and anywhere they are needed, to offer emotional support and/or educate! Seriously, they are the best kind of super heroes and I feel so lucky to have met them, as they are the real deal people…. Not something you run into very often anymore, unfortunately! We got together for a photo shoot back in March (yes, I’m a LITTLE behind on my blogging, in fact, I’d say I’m one of the worst bloggers around, I will not lie…) because this year, I am submitting Pig to The Unexpected Pit Bull Calendar ! Last year I heard about an abandoned train in Kingston, NY and thought it would be a really cool spot for a photo shoot, soooo, I met, Pig, his sister Jhumpa Jones, Kathleen, and their friend, The Pit Bull Princess! Phew… Okay.. so without further ado….

Clinton Corners, NY Photographer | Open Air Yoga Studio

Over the last couple of years, Caitlin and her Yoga studio have been a huge source of support and nourishment for my soul, and it was an honor to be asked to photograph it for her new website. Once you practice in this sacred space, you will have trouble going anywhere that has 4 solid walls, again. Picture this…. A boat house situated on the edge of a large, serene pond w/a dock… A soft gentle breeze from over the pond comes in through screened walls caressing your being while soothing reflections of the ripples off the water’s surface softly dance with light on any hard surfaces… a hawk calls out, songbirds sing, a bull frog croaks…. All boundaries are blurred…. you are at peace.

Without further ado…

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