A Call for Pit Bull Photos

I am posting this for a friend who is working on a project called Stubbydog. Stubbydog is working on a donor package photo project with the intent of showing bully history from its game/family origins to today’s turning point between demonization and reinstatement as beloved, socially acceptable companions. They are looking for high quality, high resolution images that fall into the following categories:

-Pit Bull Smiles, Portraits
-Abuse/Fighting/Nature vs Nurture
-Social, Racial, Breed Profiling
-Other “Dangerous” Dog Breeds targeted in the past
-What is a Pit Bull? AmStaff, American Bulldog, APBT, etc.
-Breed Typing (other dogs mistaken for pit bulls)
-Fact vs Fiction
-People and their bullies/Bonding
-Pit bulls at Play/Sport/Work
-The Future

Attached is a call-sheet to give you a general feel for the overall image they want to project. All due credit will be given as requested – this is totally nonprofit, a passion project with the sole mission to end the madness and pain! Email janets@stubbydog.org with questions or to send pix.

Lisa says:


Lisa says:


LeRoy Golden says:

I am sending some pictures of my frisbee playing pits

Lisa says:

Hi Jimmy, thanks for your interest and your good work! I am just posting this as a courtesy to Stubbydog – please email them directly with your questions: janets@stubbydog.org

jimmy says:

I volunteer with a local shelter and foster for a pitbull rescue, i am also a freelance photographer, so i can definitly get some photos too you. i am just wondering were these photos will be used and when they are needed by. thanks

Lisa says:

Thanks so much everyone! If anyone notices the email to mail pics to has changed, it’s because I’ve changed it to: janets@stubbydog.org

Thanks again!

Ashley says:

Sending pics right now. Thanks for the info. I hope this project will change some minds.

wayne Van Driessche says:

how do I send pictures

Cheryl Cangiolosi says:

Our dog Maisy is the best Pitbull. She loves all dogs and people and is a bundle of energy! She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. We walk her everyday and try to get the word out that Pitbulls are not mean dogs. I hate that they get a bad rap and wish that more people had open minds in regards to Pitties.

Julie says:

This is great! Just sent an image! Thanks for posting this Lisa!

thanku for posting this. just sent an email with images!!

Lisa says:

Kristi and Peggy, thanks for your replies! Please forward all images and questions to janets@stubbydog.org

Peggy Doucette says:

I have amazing pictures of my purple ribbon APBT! I would love to send for this cause. But I am not sure how to do so. Please contact me with where to send the photo’s. He is a 7 1/2 month old pure breed, razors edge, purple ribbon brindle Pit Bull. He is the most gentle and loving dog I have EVER encountered. My husband and I are eager to help show that because 1 in 100 pit bulls may or may not bite or have an aggressive tendency it does not mean EVERY Pit is the same. It is all how you raise a dog. Any dog can be trained and raised to be mean.. I look forward to hearing from you!

Kristi Knight says:

I have a passion for pit bulls that is hard to put into words. Love the breed and yes, I do have one of the great exceptions. She was used for fighting in the earlier years of her life and abused. Then I had the opportunity and pleasure of getting her and proving that just because they have been mistreated and fought, they are good dogs and just want love like any other breed. She is now 11 years old and from day one has never given me any problems, maybe that’s because she feels the love I feel for her and know the history of her life. She is my Shadow Baby.

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