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I had the immense pleasure of spending the morning with Pugsley & Webster and their fabulous Mom, Lisa on Marist College campus the other day. Though it was Pugsley’s birthday, our focus was Webster for this shoot, though we couldn’t totally leave the Bday girl out! Webster is a rescued Pug, and Lisa doesn’t know much about his past. I first met them last year, and I have to say, the transformation in this little man from last year to this, has been HUGE! It has got to be so difficult for an animal that gets re-homed. I can’t understand how anyone can give up a family member, I can’t imagine what it’s like for them?! But… each individual animal is different, and hence each responds in their own unique way to the situation. It looked like Webster was going to take the slow and cautious approach, carefully putting his heart in a safe place behind a little barrier he built … but sometime over the last year, this boy just melted into his warm loving family, and that shield came down. Can you see it?! I love happy endings! Kudo’s to Lisa for giving this boy a second chance, and the secure, loving family he SO deserves!!!

what a great pair… they look like the best of friends.

Lisa says:

And we had a simply fabulous time with you!!!

Lisa says:

Thanks Julie… I love when I happen upon great spots like this one…

Julie says:

Awesome! I love the perspective of the shots.

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