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I had THE most amazing time with my Beth and Kane this weekend.  The purpose of our photo shoot was to take pics to submit to the 2012 Unexpected Pit Bull calendar.  I chose to photograph Kane because of his story, and, the love and admiration I feel for his mother, Beth and of course, his stunningly good looks.  The following is Kane’s story, in Beth’s words:

In Kane’s previous life, he was viewed as a commodity, and not a companion. Bred for profit and used as a status symbol, he became the victim of irresponsible ownership practices that nearly cost him his life. Luckily, a new world opened for Kane. He now spends his time not only as a faithful companion to his human friends, but his little brother Ziggy Marley, also a rescued American Pit Bull Terrier. When the two are not playfully wrestling or hiking, they can be found napping side by side on the couch. Kane is currently sniffing his way up the ranks of the National Association of Canine Scent Work. Through his rigorous training in this field, he has earned several Certificate of Achievement Awards. The ways that Kane has re-payed his second lease on life are countless. A more gentle, sweet creature I have never met. We cannot imagine our lives without him.
I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed taking them ~

Lisa says:

Nice observation Beth – I hope you paint some of these!

Can’t decide, but second to last is my most most favorite-est!!! Plus, his nose is the shape of a heart. I kiss it all the time!!! THANK YOU LISA!!!!!!!!!

Sue Dall says:

Really, really great photos!

Lisa says:

Thanks Andrea, Angela and Shauna! Kane is so lucky, and I bet you Beth will argue the same…

Andrea says:

Wow Lisa. Great job as usual. These photos are absolutely gorgeous. What a beautiful dog! I am so happy for Kane that he has found true love.

Angela says:

Wow he is absolutely gorgeous. So glad he found his way into loving hands. Beautiful photos.


Beautiful! Really love the “graffiti” flower shots! Kane is gorgeous!

Lisa says:

Thank you Julie and Jyo!

Julie says:

Awesome job! These are gorgeous shots!

Jyotshna Buyyala says:

Oh wow, amazing pics of a magnificent dog in a gorgeous backdrop… and what a moving story. Thank you for capturing and sharing!!!

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