Pit Bulls, Hector & Piggly Wiggly visit an Elementary School :: Albany Pet Photographer

I recently did a photo shoot for The Unexpected Pit Bull Calendar’s 2012 edition.  My focus was Roo and Hector, who were being filmed for CBS news Albany while they visited an Elementary school in Albany. Roo is an amazing Pit Bull advocate who works tirelessly to travel around the country with his dogs Wallace and Hector educating people about TRUE Pit Bull dogs.  In his past life, Hector was a victim of cruelty as one of NFL quarterback, Michael Vick’s fighting dogs. Today, Hector is a certified therapy dog serving as an ambassador of the breed.

I also got to meet Kathleen and Piggly Wiggly – another great team out there doing this very important work. I know I focus mostly on the dogs, but thank goodness for “people” like Roo and Kathleen.  I hope you enjoy as much I did ~Hector’s “signature” pose is upside down in his human’s arms… He gets inverted and the lights go out and he goes totally limp. It was so cute here, because though Hector is 100% relaxed and loving life, Pig was SOOOO concerned! He was like “hey, guys, SOS… S-O-S — Hector needs some CPR here!!!

Lisa says:

Thanks Bethany, Susie & Roberta-Anne! These dogs are so great, aren’t they? It’s so awesome there are people like Roo and Kathleen out there doing this important work and showing this to everyone, isn’t it?

Roberta-Anne Schmitt says:

I especially love the photo of Piggly Wiggly, third one from the top, where it looks like he’s removed his dentures! That’s so classic!!! He looks a-freakin’-dorable!

Susie Kovach says:

Absolutely LOVE the picture of PIG in costume with the kids all around him ! ! ! And the last picture of Hector is priceless as well ! ! !

Haha, that’s funny about Pig! CPR! I love that last photo of Hector in his arms.

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