Dutchess & Holly {Poughkeepsie, New York Pet Photographer}

Last month I met Dutchess, Holly and Mark at Dutchess Community College. Mark works at Dutchess, and Dutchess gives back to the Community! Dutchess is a therapy dog with the Good Dog Foundation, and offers emotional support to autistic children. A super happy, kind, 6 year old girl, she recently contracted a disease that attacks the eyes. After months of pain, the decision was made to remove both of her eyes.

I’ve met dogs who have lost an eye, or a leg before, but this was the first time I met a dog with no eyes. I might be focusing on this fact, but the fact is, Dutchess didn’t, and doesn’t. She is happy now. She’s no longer in pain, and she still has an amazingly supportive dad, Mark, and sister, Holly. She still plays ball, Mark simply puts a drop of essential oils on her ball so she can sniff it out.

If at first you felt bad for Dutchess, like I did… fret not. She’s a super happy girl, living the good life. Enjoy ~

Lisa says:

thank you Patricia!

Patricia Gonzalez-Powell says:

Like all your work: moving .. and heart warming

Lisa says:

Thank you Diane and Jill! Yes, this is a very special family indeed!

Jill Flynn says:

Beautiful storytelling and work Lisa. This is one special family … it warms my heart!

Wonderful photos. The blind dog is so expressive and seems to just love your camera! Beautiful work.

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