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Tina booked a session over a year ago, and sent me an email a month or so ago that had a sense of urgency to it. Her 15 1/2 year old English Bulldog, Tiny wasn’t doing so well. With the help of some very understanding clients, we were able to move things around and quickly get Tiny into the schedule.

Every time we drive out to a session, especially when it’s at a client’s home, we’re always a little nervous about what we’ll find, as you just never know. The first thing Beth and I saw as we drove up were two Bulldog pillars marking the entrance to Tiny’s place.

We immediately got excited, and headed down a dirt driveway lined with tall tall evergreens, leading the way to the most charming white home adorned with elaborate red trim and humongous vines covered with the biggest heart shaped leaves I’ve ever seen. We were greeted by Tina, who we instantly fell in love with. She really “gets” animals! She led us into her house, and into her living room, where our eyes were immediately drawn to a Queen sized mattress laying against the far wall, adorned with a beautiful quilt with THE most amazing creature on top of it. Tiny’s aura was glowing… even if you don’t believe in this sort of thing, you can’t argue with pictures:

Tina and her husband Michael told us that Tiny was looking remarkably well on this day. Tina kept telling us Tiny was “rallying,” and was amazed at how he seemed to be putting on his best face for his photo shoot. When we asked if he’d like to go outside, their first instinct was to carry him outside for us, but Tiny wouldn’t have any part of it. He was the super model, and he was walking himself. We walked down around back towards his favorite stream, and shot a few shots that showed him in his best light:

Tiny’s people are super special… It was so clear how much he absolutely adores them…

Tiny’s 4 legged friends were all feline… some as old as 100 years, in human years…

Look closely at the toe nails…. this is the first time I’ve seen these covers that humanely protect their furniture!

When Beth and I left their home, we felt so “full.” It’s such a pleasure meeting awesome people that treat their animal friends so well. The energy there was so positive, loving, and genuinely happy. Being Bully dog lovers, we were so charmed by Tiny’s personality and his powerful presence.

Two days later, I received the following email from Tina:

Dear Lisa
We lost Tiny last night to a very peaceful passing. You can’t imagine how soothing it was to know we have your photos. He really was an exceptional creature.

I’ve never cried so hard over someone I knew for just a couple brief hours. The impact Tiny had on both Beth and me was immense. It is so clear to me now, that Tiny knew. Tiny was rallying, he loved his people so much, he knew exactly why we were there, and he gave it his all so they could have some forever memories of him. RIP dear boy, I will always remember you as an incredibly strong and special being….

Lisa says:

Thank you Mel – I appreciate your comments and you’re totally right. ;-)

Mel Hammonds says:

Beautiful job, Lisa. So glad you were able to get to Tiny in time and leave them with such special memories. It’s one of the saddest yet most rewarding things that we can do with our photography. Thoughts going out to Tiny’s family…

Lisa says:

I never get tired of looking at his pics!! Such a cutie with an amazing story!!

Lisa says:

that means a lot coming from an amazing photographer! ;-) Thanks Diane!

Amazing story with amazing photos.

Lisa says:

Thanks Serenah!!

serenah says:

Oh gosh Tiny is so cute. Great shots.

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