About Me

My name is Lisa Prince Fishler. My work as a Photographer focusing on animals is where my passions, talents & identity converge. It’s really, just me, being me!

I’ve tried on many hats, but have found that it’s not so much a matter of putting something “on,” rather, it’s a stripping away of everything you’re not, until you find the honest to goodness version of your self… so, here I am: Artist, lover of and friend to, all animals and all things in Nature. I strive to capture emotion and beauty in a way that is unique for each animal and family. I don’t use backdrops, lights, or props, and work to make each photo a unique and organic expression of that particular subject. The end result is spontaneous, artful, and real.

I earned my BA from Vassar College in Asian Studies, and an MA from Goddard College in Health Arts & Sciences, where we focused on bridging Nature, Culture & Healing. How does this pertain to what I do for a living, one might ask? I am a firm believer that who we are is synonymous with what we should be doing. I am ½ Japanese, ¼ Romanian and ¼ Dutch. My studies at Vassar were, in essence, a glorified search for my identity. My Japanese ancestors were artists, Shinto Priests & healers and hence, my interests lay in Japanese religions & Art. My Masters created the space for deep introspection, and this journey revealed to me where all these seemingly unrelated paths, converged. My work photographing animals is truly just me being me, and sharing what I love and do the best with others, while simultaneously allowing me to do my part to give back. This means the world to me!

I live with my husband, 3 children, 3 dogs, 3 cats, 3 goats, 20 chickens, 20 guinea hens and 1 cockatiel on our 6 acre organic farm. Here, we learn life’s most valuable lessons from our animals and the abundance of Nature that surrounds us in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley.

Printz Photography was inspired by my best friend: 5 year year old rescued American Bulldog, Pit Bull, Mastiff mix, Ignatius Bodhi Sattva, aka “Iggy.” My full time, and official “co-pilot” and super model extraordinaire… Iggy is stoic and gentle, kind and empathetic, tolerant and understanding, an athlete, a comedian and, my “stunningly” handsome super hero who continues to inspire me every day!

I’d like to thank each and every amazing dog from the Animal Farm Foundation, Pit Bull Rescue, for helping me build my portfolio and also, bringing me back to who I am and what I love the most. I donate photo sessions to them, and other Rescues in an effort to help the dogs communicate their amazing personalities into photographs that in turn, might help them find their forever homes.

Thank you so much for considering Printz Photography!

* Lisa

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